Newst Fish Lehnga Dress 2012

Fish style dress are same use for the purpose of bridal dress in this dress the bridal look in fish style and so beautifull .Now Days this fashion style are comenly use in all over world but the famouse in Europ India Pakistan and other country they style are liked.there are some rang of fish lehnga style i hope you like it .

Pakistani and Indian Wedding Dresses 2012

Pakistani and Indian Wedding Dresses hinab hinas boutique Pakistan style boutique Pakistani boutique, Pakistani dresses Indian dresses Indian boutique, bridal, brides, Pakistan fashion designer Indian fashion designer Pakistan dress indian dress, Pakistani boutique keywords connected capital, associates and photos coming from selected websites Dress worn by a bride during the marriage ceremony is called Bridal Dress. Colour, fashion and official meaning of the dress depend on the faith, customs, race and the taste of the marriage participants. In South Asia, brides generally worn heavy dresses those have been nurtured with concentrated sewing and other fancy work. The most important and the most celebrated Bridal Dresses in South Asia are Saree, Lehnga Choli, Shalwar Kameez embroidered dresses. All the dresses have grave and general fancy work to have a fancier and pretty look. Red colour is generally being selected for the dresses for brides, but now days other colours are also being favourite according to the ceremony, climate and the taste of the brides. Here we have some beautiful Bridal Dresses 2011 2012 for you. All the Bridal Dresses are made according to the present fashion and modern technique. The design and the outfit of the dresses are actually amazing and superb; you will like all these beautiful Bridal Dresses .

Latest Indain Bangle Design 2012

Bngle are know A part of fashion there are some latest indian bangle design asian country like pakistan indian bangladash and srilanka are very popular. Noe days Bangle are fomus in USA.In USA Many Bridal are choice Glass bangle in marrige day.because bangle is a part of fashion of girl.every gril know they look better to other and bangle play a vital role in fashion.

Arabic Mehndi Designs 2012

Arbic Mehndi design 2012 are very popular in arab country and asian country like Pakistan India .Arabic Mehndi design new Mehndi design most beautiful mehndi design beautiful hands mehndi design Dark colour mehndi design new fashion mehndi new most stylish mehndi design. Find best mehndi design for your hand.

Kundan Jewelry Design 2012

Kundan Jewelry Design are very popular to oyher jewelry design like Artifical Jewelry and other .kundan jewelry fashion style are famouse in india and pakistan this jewelry are very costly to other jewelry .bt now in kundan jewelry many rang of design and quality and every person can achive this jewelry .

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Create Waves In Your Hair

For natural looking Waves massage volumizing mousse through freshly washed hair. Weave lack into a thick braid and allow hair to dry. When Dried, Gently finger comb to loosen into waves if you have time to blow dry apply gel and then slowly blow dry while scunching hair.

Give a Treat To Your Feet

Before you polish your toenails, pamper yourself with an epsonsalt and scented oil. soak your feet for 10 minutes and then remove dry skin from your feet witha homemade mixture of olive oil and raw sugar.Rub in an upward motion for two to three minutes then rines moisturize and polish!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Try a French Braid

Beat the heat wilth a french braid that keeps your hair off your neck make the braid leaving your bangs free. For a Fun playground to party look pull out small to medium chunky pieces from the braid and spary them with gel or hairspary and scrunch. Sweep bangs to the side and slip on a thin headbanad or tie on a piece of ribbon.

Go For a Manicure

Remove chipped polish and moisturize your hands then olive oil on your cuticels before pushing them back file your nail shorrt and then whip on a light polish that won't show the clip as much as a dark shade.

Use a Pink Lipstick


Stay an trend with pink lipstick Pick a Shade that complements your skin tone . Lighter pinks works on women with pink or cool understone and warmer pinks look best on skin with yellow understone.

MakeYour Skin Your Glow

Get a glow on by Exfoliating. keep a washcloth or buff pad ready for every day use. if you don't have an exfoliant make your your own  by moistening 1/2 Cup suger with olive and sunflower oil. Use small Circlees to Slough away dead cells and reveal new layers of skin.

Use a Sun Screen

 Protect your skin with Sunscreen that suits your skin. Apply a Shot Glass worth of sunscreen for 15 to 30 minutes before going out be sure to cover your hands and face.

Accentuate Your Features

Try a slick ponytail to accentuate your facial features. A deep-Side part looks fresh and modern to prevent flyaway, Spritz with a hairspray. Don't forget an easy to blend foundation to even out your skin tone and keep you looking polished.

Latest Fancy Party Dress For GIrls

Party Funcation Is a part of life Know days in pakistan and india Party Funcation are very popular .in those Country there are Latest Fancy Party Dress For Girls .there folloing desing of party dress.

Party Dress Design 2012

 party dress are comanly use in party funcation and other related funcation the girls are performed .in Party every girls like looks beautiful to other there are following party dress design for girls are know.

Salwar Kameez Design 2012

Salwar Kameez is a latest trend in pakistan and india.thhis trend are causal Suiting in Those Country.there are Following Design of Latest Salwar kameez are know,

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