Thursday, September 22, 2011

Powder Beauty Tips

Powder Beauty Tips

01. To keep humidity away, apply a light dusting of loose powder first on clean skin before you apply your foundation. This first layer of powder helps foundation adhere better if your base has a tendency to disappear in a few hours.

02. Customize your own loose powder. In a shaker container, mix 1 tsp of a loose shimmer, yellow or mauve eye shadow into your loose powder. Yellow helps to calm red and pink skin tones, mauve calms down excess yellow skin tones and shimmer creates a night time glow to the face and body.

03. Want your makeup to last all day? Mist your face with water after you've applied all your makeup to set your colors and setting powder. It really does make a difference.

04. Create your own eye shadow base. Mist a new, clean pressed powder puff with water. Then pick up some loose powder (translucent is best) with the puff. Apply lightly to the eyelids.  Blend softely and let dry.  Then apply your shadows on top. An instant eye shadow base that really works.


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