Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foundation Step During Make up

Foundation Step During Make up

1. For a sheer look, dilute your foundation with 2 drops of water for normal skin, toner for dry skin, drops of Witch Hazel for oily skin into your foundation.

2. For the look of perfect skin, apply your founda first, then mix your concealer into your foundation Apply on the mixture into areas that need more  converge, then lightly powder. By mixing your concealer and foundation together, you get the perfect color and perfect coverage every time.

3. Want to lighten your stick foundation coverage Just mix the stick foundation with a dot of moisturon the back of your hand.You'll still get the cover that you like, without the heaviness. Update your even more, by applying only where needed, like under the eyes, around the nose ,and spot apply where needed. Set with a touch of loose powder, your look just went from opaque to sheer.

4. Want to keep that summer glow going all year round? An easy way is to take your favorite bronzer stick or liquid, and run a bit on your fingertips. And  your moisturizer on top. Blend and apply on your face. What you get is a softer and lighter version of your bronzer that works for the fall and winter months.

5. Try dusting your foundation with a dash of loose translucent powder. The powder soaks up extra oils in the base and creates a matte foundation that stays on hours longer.

6. Apply a light dusting of loose powder on clean skin before applying foundation. It helps skin look matte hours longer by giving the powder a chance to grab oils and shine before breaking through the foundation.

7. Try this great photography makeup trick. Create perfect looking skin with great coverage with a real skin look. Apply your liquid foundation as normal, but  about x2 as much as you need. Then, with a folded Kleenex, lightly press into the skin. The Kleenex grabs excess oils from the foundation, leaving pure pigment on the skin. Perfect for creating a flawless complexion, and for turning an oil-based foundation into a lighter version.

8. Want to create a flawless, perfectly contoured bone structure? The old way was to use a dark brown powder to draw shadows under cheekbones and to trim down noses and double chins. The new way? Is softer, easier and looks more real. Take a foundation shade that's 2-3 shades darker than your regular shade.  Apply your regular foundation first, and then with a foundation brush, apply your darker shade underneath cheekbones, on the temples, under the tip of the nose, under the chin, wherever you feel it's needed. Blend well into the other shade. Viola. You  have a perfectly contoured bone structure that looks good in any type of lighting and looks more real than the 'brown streaks' of yesteryear.

9. Want to add a glow to your foundation? Take a shimmer powder, like Mac's Dust, or shimmer pressed shades in gold, silver or pink and add a pinch to your foundation. By mixing it in first, and then applying, you get an overall glow to your whole


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