Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eye shadow Beauty Tips

Eye shadow Beauty Tips

1. For best results, pick up your eye shadow colour with the side of your eye shadow brush, not the tips. Running the brush across with the tips of the bristles only picks up too much product, and sends it flying.  You know this is you if you get a 'hole' in the middle of your colour. Apply by pressing on the colour instead of brushing it on to avoid colour from falling. Great for applying dark and heavily frosted and glitter colours.

2. To make a powdered shadow colour go on stronger; apply your colours shadow with a makeup sponge or an eye shadow applicator. The colour will go on exactly the way you see it in the pan.

3. For a softer version of an eye shadow colour, pick up some white or cream colours eye shadow first on your brush, next pick up your colour and then apply.  The lighter colour will soften the intensity of the pigment.

4. Your colours not going on right? Are you getting colours in the wrong area? It could be your brush that's the culprit.   Make sure your brushes fit the area you are applying to. The smaller the brush, the smaller the application area. Smaller brushes are great for applying under the eyebrow.  A larger, flat brush is perfect for shadows that go on the lids.  A long fluffy shadow brush is great for the crease.   It's all in the brush.


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