Sunday, September 25, 2011

Instant Beauty

Perfect pout:-

Perfect pout: forget all thoughts of surgical implants to plump up your lips appear fulle is to dab a small amount of gloss on to the centre of the lower lip, either over lipstick or stright on to bare lips also choose pale shades of lipstick to make the lips apper more voloputous and avoid dark colour, which will have a silmming effect.

Cuticle Caree:

Cuticle Caree: if you have unsightly pieces of stray skin around your cuticales, make them look more presentable in an instant by massaging te nail and cuticle with vaseline this  will also give the nails a high shine finish. If your fingertip feel greasy afterwards, either wipe with a tissue or use the excess product to tame split ends and give hair shine.

Moisture Boost:

Moisture Boost: to help disguise wrinkles and fine lines, spray the skin with a fine mist of water before smoothing on moisturzer. The cells in skin’supper layers will absord this water, making them look plumper, and this will make fine lines and wrinkles appear less prominent. Appling moisturzer afterwards wi;; seal this water in so the effect will last longer.


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