Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clean And Fresh

No matter what your skin type is cleansing is an essential part of caring for your complextion. if you are planing to tie the knot in the near future and haven't yet started taking care of your skin begin by cleasing every morning and night. the first step is choosing a cleaner that is right for your skin type.
  • if your skin is dry avoid cleaner loaded with harsh detergents.use a cream or lotion with hydrating agents like vitamin E and aloe. these help lubricate the skin.
  • If yoour skin is oily opt for a mild, foaming soap-free cleanser with the pore de-clogger,salicylic acid.
  • For Combination skin, a non drying foaming or gel cleaner is ideal.
  • To sooth sensitive skin, look for a gentle, non-irritating cleanser without fragrance dyes or harsh exfoliating grain


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