Monday, September 26, 2011

Painting Materials

Acrylic or emulsion (latex) paint and arylic scumble glaze are the

main painting meterials that you will need to put a wide variety of paint
Techniques Into Practice.

Acrylic primer is a quick-drying water-based primer. It is used to prime new wood

Acrylic Scumble is a slow drying. Water based medium with a milky, gel-like appearance, which dries clear. It adds texture and translucency to the paint, and the marks you make with brushes, sponges and other tools are held in the glaze

Emulsion Paint is opaque and comes in choice of matt (flat) or satin finish. Satin finish is best for the base colour and matt for paint effects. Use sample pots of paint if you need only a small amount

 Methylated Spirits (methyl alcohol) is a solvent that will dissolve emulsion (latex) paint and can therefore be used to distress paint. It is also used as a solvent, thiner and brush cleaner for shellac

Pure Powder Pigment can be used to colour paint and can be mixed with arcylic scumble clear wax or emulsion (latex) paint. It is also used for vinegar graining.

 Shellac is a type of varinsh, which is available in clear and brown shades. French Polish and button polish are in fact shellac and many be easier to find. Shellac can be used to Seal Wood , Metal leaf and Paint

Wax is available in neutral and in brown . it will seal and colour paint. Neutral Wax can be mixed with powder pigment.

Acrylic Varnish is available in a stain or matt(flat) finish. It is used to seal paint effects to give a more durable and protective finish to the surface. Acrylic floor varnish is extremely hardwearing and should be used on floors.

Artist’s Acrylic Paint can be found in art and craft shops and comes in a wide rang of colours. It gives various paint effect a subtle translucent quality

Crackle Glaze is brushee on to a surface, causing the paint laid over it to crack in andom patterns to create na aged appearance


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