Friday, September 23, 2011

Nail Beauty Tips

Nail Beauty Tips
Apply Folloeing Step

1. Want to make absolutely sure that your nail polish is dry? Take the taste test. Just lick your nail, and if you can taste nail polish, it's not dry yet. No taste? You're good to go.

2. Want to keep nail polish on longer? Do what the professional Nail Technicians do. Take a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, and rub over clean dry nails. Let dry before you apply polish. By taking off the excess oil on the surface of the nail, polish will adhere better, and last longer. Then apply hand moisturizer or oils after the nail polish is dry.
3. Need an instant cuticle softener? Crisco or olive oil will work in a pinch.
4. Have a lip balm that doesn't work or tastes bad? Works great as a nighttime’s cuticle treatment.
5. Need to get super smooth heels? Soak in a warm bath first to soften skin. Then apply a layer of oil, Vaseline or a greasy type of moisturizer. Apply to your dry heels and then pumice away. The oils will the pumice buff off the dead skin and give a moisturizing treatment at the same time. Rinse off when done, for silky smooth feet.


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