Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lipstick Beauty Tips

Lipstick Beauty Tips

1. For extra staying power, apply a dot of a matte or shine control product on lips. Let set and then apply your lipstick as usual.

2. Want to lighten a lipstick colour? Apply a dot of shimmer stick on your lips, and then apply your lipstick. Instant lightness.

3. Want a lip colour that will last all day? When doing a recent Aids Benefit fashion show, to save time we used a red cream blush on the lips as well. It lasted forever. Because cream blush has a higher staining quality, it lasts longer and wears off more evenly than lipstick. Tip: Skip the lip gloss and it'll last even longer.

4. Do you have dry lips and want a moisturizing lipstick? Apply your best lip balm or conditioner first, and your regular, not creamy lipstick on top. You'll get longer lasting results without the smearing of a cream based lipstick.

5. Want a great long lasting sheer lipstick? Grab a matte lipstick, and apply moisturizer both before and after your lipstick. Moisturizer before will keep your lips soft, without drying out, and moisturizer after, will update it to a sheerer colour.

6. Lip balm really does work in creating a smoother surface to apply lipstick or lip pencil too. But the trick is to make sure the lip balm is completely soaked up by the skin before applying anything else. Get in the habit of applying your lip balm the same time you apply your skin moisturizer (or sunscreen).  By the time you get to your makeup, your lips will be perfect for application. If you apply your lipstick or pencil right after, you're actually adding the feathering and creasing problem because the slickness of the lip balm will add to the slick factor.

7. Love mixing lip colours to get your own customized shade but always end up getting muddy, too dark looking shades? The trick is in the two shades you're mixing.  Always mix two shades together that are in the same colour range. Like two pinks, or two reds together. You'll always get a perfect blend. Feeling more adventurous? Mix two colours together that are in the same colour family. Like a pink and a red, or a beige and a brown. 


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