Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lip Pencil Beauty Tips

Lip Pencil Beauty Tips

1. Want a universal lip pencil that will go with every lipstick colour you own? Any shade of a rosy nude colour will work. The closest to your natural lip colour is the best. Remember to draw a lip line, and then fill in the lip with the pencil. Apply your lipstick or lip gloss on top.

2. Want to darken any lipstick colour you have? Apply a light brown lip pencil over your lips, and then apply your lipstick colour on top. Instant depth.

3. For perfect lips, apply your lip pencil both before and after your lipstick. You’ll find that the wax in the pencil actually helps keep the lipstick from bleeding.
4. when blotting lipstick, apply tissue completely over lips closed, instead of saying 'ah' and biting the Kleenex. You'll notice that when you blot the entire lip this way, you get the entire 'lip print' on the Kleenex, which keeps lipstick edges from bleeding and feathering, not just the centre.

 5. Can't find that right lip pencil shade? The universal shade for pretty much any lip colour is a light light brown. Can't find it? Try looking for beige, or a blonde eyebrow pencil. Works every time.


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