Friday, September 23, 2011

Skin Care Beauty Tips

Skin Care Beauty Tips
Apply Following Step

1. Skin feeling dry lately? Give it a 1-2 punch. On damp skin, apply a light layer of virgin olive oil. The easiest way? Dilute 1 parts olive oil to 4 parts water in a water spray bottle. Mist all over and rub in until the oil disappears. THEN apply another layer of your favourite body lotion. Vitamin E and Collagen enriched are the best. Let sink in, easiest when done as part of your night time ritual. Next morning? Baby smooth skin.
2. I'm a big fan of those vitamin E lipsticks, chap sticks and lip balms....but sometimes, I'll get one that tastes just awful. Don't toss it out. Use those instead as great nail and cuticle conditioners. Keep one on your night stand or desk, and apply whenever you see it. You'll have stronger nails and well conditioned cuticles in no time.
3. Need to uplift your spirits? Try a sugar body rub: Mix sugar into olive or corn oil and rub over dry skin for a exfoliating rub. Then rinse off in a tub full of warm water that's scented with aroma therapy oils. Peppermint wakes you up, rosemary or lavender calms you down. You'll feel like a whole new person.
4. Got some extra baby wipes around? They work perfectly to remove Nair or any depilatory if you can't get to the shower fast enough. Just note, that you DO want to rinse completely afterwards to remove all chemicals from your skin. To remove that chemical feeling afterwards from a depilatory, just apply some body lotion and it's gone.
5. Need to get glitter off your face after a disco night out on the town? After doing a photo shoot where we had to make a last-minute quick change, I picked up a neat trick. Remove as much as you can with a  dampened Q-tip (the water will pick up the glitter by rolling it off) and whatever excess you have left over, use a metal spatula dipped in Vaseline to lightly 'scrape' the remaining glitter.


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