Friday, September 23, 2011

Eye Pencil Beauty Tips

Eye Pencil Beauty Tips
There are Folloing Step to apply this tip
1. to keep Eye Pencils on all day, apply a little eye shadow on top with a fine eyeliner brush over your pencil. For a dramatic effect, try any colour over your black or brown pencil. Try a high intense frost eye shadow over black pencil. Dramatic in an instant. Favs? Dark shimmering blues greens and purples.

2. Run out of your favourite liquid eyeliner or black eye pencil? In a pinch, apply a thin line of mascara with your eyeliner brush as eyeliner. The mascara will last for hours and give you a great emphasis.
3. Having a hard time sharpening your eye pencil? To keep from crumbling, store in the refrigerator overnight and then sharpen. A perfect point every time.
4. Avoid breaking your eye pencils by always using a metal eye pencil sharpener. The plastic sharpeners give too much, breaking the tip.


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