Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shape Up and Shine

if your weeding day is just round the corner, star following a healthy diet to shape up and shine on  your big day. try the following  tips
  • if you need to lose weight go about it in a sysematic way. crash dieting dise not work as you will only lose much nedded energy. any weight loss programme should be slow and controlled. breakfast like a king lunch like a queen and dine like a pauper.Avoid cholestrol-rich food like Butter, Cheese, and Ghee.
  • Instead of tea, Coffee and fizzy drinks opt for fruit and vegetable juices and herble tea.
  • Stockup on foods that boost the immune system, especially if you are susceptible to flu. ZInc is one of the most powerful immunity boosting minerals.foods rich in zinc are red meat whole grains bread and cereal.
  • Put a plant in your room. it ia a well known fact that houseplants are good for atmosphere, counteract allergies, headachees and fatigue, and humidify rooms, so both your lungs and skin will benefit.
  • Moderate exercise makes the bones stronger. Try taking up yoga as it is extermely good for both the body and mind and will help you stay fouced and clam during stressful times.


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