Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blush Beauty Tips For Girls

Blush Beauty Tips are amazing for girls girls are apply this tip are folling step.
1. For a 'healthy' glow, tap blush on the apples of your cheeks when you smile. Your guideline? Never apply blush below line of the bottom of your nose:  you'll look cold.

2. For correct amount of blush every time, note where you hit with your blush brush first. That's where the colour will be the strongest and then blend out from there.

3. Keep your cream blush on longer by applying a light coat of Vaseline or for those with oily skin, a moisturizer on first.  You'll find your cream blush lasts hours longer.

4. Create an optical illusion with your blush by bringing attention to your eyes. By applying colour directly 'under' your eye on the apples of your cheeks, you will draw attention to your eyes.

5. Use your blush to focus on your hairstyle. This optical illusion is great for showing off that beautiful hairstyle, or for the bride at the her wedding. Smile, and apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, and then blend straight back towards the top of your ear. By 'blending' backwards, you bring the focus of the line going straight back to, you guessed it; your hairstyle.

6. Shorten a long face with your blush placement. Apply blush close to the apples of your cheeks, and avoid blending out beyond that point. By keeping the focus of the colour right underneath your eye, you give the illusion of a smaller face and you create a 'line' that 'divides' the face in half."

7. Want your blush to last longer? Use lipstick or a chubby lip pencil in a wine or bronze shade on your cheeks. Blend and then apply a touch of your colours powdered blush on top. You'll find that your colour will last hours longer. Why? The wax of the pencil has more staying power than powder alone.

8. I'm a big fan of blush stains, but even I feel a few hours wear isn't enough. Call it the professional in me but sometimes I just want my blush to last all day  long. Here's a quick trick that I found out accidentally....I applied one morning my 'blush' colored powder blush and an hour later, touched up with my liquid stain on top. It's a little tricky to blend because the powder blush underneath makes the  stain dry quicker, but I noticed that the stain color stayed on for hours.....and I do mean hours.About 5-6 hours later when I checked. it was still on.

9. Widen your face to create cheekbones. Apply a contouring color. Try a deeper, warmer shade of your skin tone for color. Apply in the hollows of your cheekbones. Then apply right in the ndentation of your temple. By adding contour here as well, you create the illusion of a stronger cheekbone by going in (temple), out (cheekbone) and then in again  (underneath  the cheekbone).

10. Want to create a warm golden shimmer? Try a soft gold shimmer eye shadow. Apply lightly with a  large fluffy blush brush to spot apply on tops of cheekbones, over eyeshadow, on lips for a day to night look. Or mix into body or face lotion for a subtle shimmer. Sexy.

11. The right application of blush depends a lot on the size of the blush brush. If you find that your blush is going everywhere, it could be your blush brush is too large. Take your brush,then smile. Hit the apple of the cheek with the tips of the bristles. Does the  rush spray out over the apple of the cheek? The brush is too large. You want the brush to fit perfectly Perfect application everytime.

12. A fan of bronzer? Make sure you don't overdo it. The easiest application is with a fan brush, not the regular bronzer brush. A fan brush dusts just the right amount onto the top of the forehead, tops of cheekbones, across the nose and across the chin.  The right glow looks great either day or night.


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