Friday, September 23, 2011

Skin Looks Beauty Tips

Skin Looks Beauty Tips
Apply Following Step
1. Want a shimmering face look for night? Take an old liquid foundation, and add a few shaves of a shimmery light cream or powder eye shadow or a drop of shimmer body lotion. Apply and get the latest glow skin.
2. A warm brick eye shadow is the perfect all over summer colour'..for lips, cheeks, yes.......dust lightly and apply a little lip gloss on top of lips and you're done.

3. It was just yesterday when we were having a hard time keeping matte faces and lips on.  Now, believe it or not, some of us have a hard time keeping cream products on. Trick of the trade: Like attracts like. Matte sticks to anything matte, cream sticks to anything moist.
4. On a photo shoot, I had to create a glistening skin look quickly, and upon finding out that most glistening sprays have Olive Oil as one of its main ingredients, I immediately created my own. Get a nice glass spray bottle, easily found at Target or your local drug store, and combine Virgin Olive Oil (no smell...And the lightest in texture) with a few drops of jasmine, rose or lavender oils and shake it up. Now you have your own glow in a bottle!
5. A quick dusting of shimmering body powder or an iridescent eye shadow over the high points of the face, (cheekbones, chin, top of nose, eyelids, across forehead.) creates a quick day to night look.
6. Want to warm up pale skin or create a special body effect? Mix a warm yellow, lilac, bronze or shimmering loose powder into your body lotion. Apply on legs and arms and as it dries, you'll create a soft tinted effect that won't come off. You can also try this with your facial moisturizer to create a special tinted foundation.
7. Lately all the top fashion shows and shoots I've done have had one thing in common. Glowy skin. No, I don't mean shiny, or dewy, or matte, or wet. But glow. How to get this? Get your favourite shimmering cream/pink/pearl eye shadow and apply to the high points of the face. Tops of cheekbones, eyes, chin.
8. Want that super shiny dewy look? Just apply some lip gloss on the tops of your cheeks and you're ready to go. My favourite is the clear opalescent ones...look real pretty at nighttimes.
9. Want to tone down ruddiness or pink skin? On clean skin apply a light dusting of a yellow based powder. The yellow will calm down enough so that you'll need way less foundation and concealer and also adds a bit of warmth to the skin.


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