Friday, September 23, 2011

More Eye Shadow Beauty Tips

More Eye Shadow Beauty Tips
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1. Want to change a matte or cream eye shadow you already have into a frost? Shimmer sticks in silver or gold are perfect to create beautiful highlights by applying lightly on top.

2. Been wanting to try the new 'wet' looking cream eye shadows out there? Create your own: buy the famous Elizabeth Arden's 8-Hour cream and apply over any colored eye shadow. You'll get the super wet look that lasts a few hours.
3. Here's a new trick I picked up while doing a photo shoot. The client wanted a sheer watercolour look for the eyes and in a colour that I didn't have. So to make do, I mixed a little pastel pink eye shadow into a gel moisturizer and applied on the eyes. It dried a little bit, which helped set it and viola...a sheer shade that stayed on pretty well. Check your local drug store for a gel moisturizer. They're clear and do a great job at keeping skin soft and shine-free. It also helps keep foundation on longer, when mixing together, especially when your skin is a bit on the oily side.
4. Applying eye shadows wet have always given the best staying power, but it's tricky to do, especially with dark colours. Make it easy on yourself. Apply your eye shadow dry, as normal. Then with a fine mister bottle, lightly mist over your eyes. Keep eyes close to let dry. After drying, you'll find that the eye shadow stays perfect and crease free for hours.
5. Have a long day ahead? Spend a little extra time with your eye shadow to keep it on all day. Apply your shadows, and then press loose powder on top to set. Apply another layer of your colours shadows on top.  Will last hours longer.


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