Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lip Gloss Beauty Tips

Lip Gloss Beauty Tips

1. Want your lip gloss to stay on longer? Brush a dot of loose powder on lips first and then your lip gloss.

2. Want to create a fuller lip? Apply a dot of shimmer lip gloss over your lipstick. The lighter, shimmering colour will create the illusion of a fuller pout regardless of what lipstick colour you're wearing.

3. Have an eye gloss that just is not working for you? Use it as lip gloss. You’ll find that it can lasts even longer than your regular lip gloss.

4. In humid weather I found out that lip gloss fades super fast. To keep the look, apply a very matte lipstick in a light shade, blot, and powder, and then apply lip gloss (clear or shimmering) on top. You'll find that the colour and shine lasts hours longer because of the matte lipstick.

5. Want a shiny, glossy lipstick, without the drips? Apply your lipstick ON TOP of your clear lip gloss.The gloss will dilute and create a shiny color, and by  applying the lipstick on top of the gloss, you won't get the glossy bleeding after you've worn it for 2 hours.

6. For longest wearing lipgloss, apply a nude lip pencil, or the new invisible lip pencils on your lips first. Then apply your lip gloss on top. This gives the lip gloss something to hold on to and lasts a few hours longer.


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